Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Daily Pub Game Bite

Via Publishers Lunch (12/28/12), Pearson has invested $89.5 million in B&N's Nook Media entity. Microsoft ponied up $300 million back a couple of months ago. Since splitting off their bookstore entity and their electronic and College Bookstore entity, B&N's been watched very closely.

This adds a bit more heft to Len's operation as it stands its ground in the battle against everyone's favorite on-line behemoth, Amazon.

As PL points out, however, the Pearson investment has "significant potential" as Pearson is "the world's alrgest textbook publisher".

And the battle's getting ferocious as B&N hesitantly let out the news that their holiday sales were below expectations.

And if you subscribe to Publishers Lunch/Daily Deals (and if you don't, why aren't you taking advantage of this industry inside line?) you also saw the news that PEW Research has a series of digital surveys that explore trends "among those who read electronically in 2012". Since digital is now an estimated 20% of book sales, this information is vital to the author seeking to understand how the landscape is changing and how they can be a successful player in the e-book market. Good news? Average number of digital and print read in the year was 15 titles. Bad news? That figure is down from the prior year.

Library ebook borrowing is up though! Make sure you're cozying up to your local acquisition librarian. RWA's "Romance Sells" advertising publication reaches out to them, as does BookPage's monthly print magazine that contains reviews and offers advertising. BookPage even provides a list of subscribers, so check them out and see who you can be talking to.

That's it for this first day of the new year.

May your 2013 be a happy, healthy, safe and prosperous one for you.

Write happy!

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