Friday, November 7, 2008

Daily News in the World of the Printed Word

Additional information on the Google/Authors Guild settlement agreement can be found on the Google site dedicated to that (see link to the right).

Also, the Book Rights Registry - provided by Google - will "locate rights holders and collect and maintain rights holders information. The Registry will also disburse all payments generated fromonline access provided by Google. The Registry is open to all rights holders." (PW, 11/3/08)

On the financial front, a gathering storm cloud of badness. The book business - which some forecasts have said might benefit to a certain degree from tough economic times because people who can't afford movies, travel, etc., may instead opt for that least expensive of entertainment types: Books. BUT, according to Publisher's Lunch, and with further discussion and information available on Ed's Rants and Galley Cat, Borders has informed its distributor, IPG, that it will not be paying them for 2 months due to "anticipated excessive returns". IPG is passing on the information to its client publishers, and decisions will apparently be made as to whether or not to continue to ship to the chain.

Certainly the already hot hot hot e-publishing trend is going to pick up speed with the gloomy financial situation as all costs attendant to the traditional paper book will be rising as well. Watch for more traditional publishers to expand their e-publishing operations accordingly.


Kwana said...

I love the idea of your new blog. Best of luck with it! I'll back!

Minnette Meador said...

This has some wonderful articles in it and I'll be back, as well. Thanks for keeping us all informed and good luck with the blog! Minnette :)

Misty Evans said...

Hey, Lise. I'm so glad you're doing this. Most days, I barely have time to read my email, much less keep up with Publisher's Weekly and other news items. Your blog will give me the highlights and keep me informed. Great idea!

Lise said...

Glad to see you stop by, Kwana. I figured since I always seem to gather all this info, I might as well share!

Lise said...

Minnette, with so many periodicals, blogs, sites, groups and sources of info, it's nearly impossible to keep up with everything. I hope to at least have a few choice bits every day to help keep everyone "in the know". Thanks for visiting!

Lise said...

Misty, glad to be of service. It's the librarian's genes in me....contrary to other folks, "info dump" sounds delightful to me! There's never enough information to suit me.

Ellen said...

Hi Lise!
This is great---thanks so much for taking the time to do this. And, I'm embarrassed to say it, but I'm so far behind in industry news it's pitiful. You've really helped me out here :)
All the best and many thanks!

Marie-Claude Bourque said...

Hey Lise,
This is a great blog. I'm glad someone is putting all this info in one place. I have you bookmarked :)

Lise said...

Ellen & Marie - this is great fun for me. I have spent so many years in the business sector, in publishing, marketing and entertainment (performing and law) that I've developed a great interest in the business side of things as well as the creative. And I'm a firm believer that an artist who is well-armed with business facts, is an artist with a greater chance at success in this business (because, after all, no matter the beauty of the creative experience that we so enjoy, it is, indeed, A BUSINESS!)

Welcome aboard everyone and I hope you find much useful info!